Sibling Fights in Avatar.


I thought it was important to make sure y’all had access to the actual video of Chris Pratt braiding hair because it’s pretty important. You’re welcome. 



By: Andreas Larsson

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By: Andreas Larsson

katerspie replied to your post “katerspie replied to your photoset:I was tagged by indecisivespice for…”

THAT TESTING FILTERS ONE is like some kind of ethereal elf magic beauty ugh ilu let’s get the other K and us 3Ks cause some world damage

coming from an elf queen bae as yourself, i take your compliment to heart. and kristen tagged me on her selfies meme! check hers out! ;P


have we established our group name yet? lmao 

indecisivespice replied to your photoset “I was tagged by indecisivespice for the six selfies meme thing (I…”

*SMOOCHES* what a babe <33333

i love you 

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Oh boy, I’m gonna have to start calling him Starlord for the rest of his life.

ugh you’re amazing

i love you *blush*

I was tagged by indecisivespice for the six selfies meme thing (I think that’s what it’s called).

I’m tagging everyone… followers and mutuals :) Feel free to tag my on your post so I can see everybody’s selfies!

I love Haku :&#8217;)

07.23.14 @ 18:43

I love Haku :’)